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The Blue Raider ROC - DIV1A, DIV2, VET (3-Weapon) Mar 31, 2018 - Apr 1, 2018
REGULAR FEE ENTRY DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL MONDAY, 3/12/18!!!! One of the largest 3-weapon Regional Open Circuit Tournaments, with events in DIV 1-A, DIV 2, and VET categories. More Info at
MTSU Campus Recreation Center: Murfreesboro, TN
posted 10/20/2017
More Info
March 31 - April 1, 2018

MTSU Campus Recreation Center
Middle Tennessee State University
1848 Blue Raider Dr.
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Free Parking, $140M state-of-the-art facility, 140,000 sf. venue, locker room with showers, ample spectator seating.


***Friday, March 30 & Saturday, March 31 - Referee Development Clinic with CRI Justin Meehan ***
3-Weapon Referee Clinic with opportunity for observation and ratings

More Info:


REFEREES: If interested in refereeing, e-mail Rylan DeLap at

COMMUNICATION: Important tournament information will be communicated through the FRED e-mail system, including any event time changes. Take time to verify that your FRED profile contains an up-to-date e-mail address (log in and check My FRED).

WEBSITE: Information about the tournament, including where to stay, what to do, and lots more can be found on our main tournament website at
Live tournament seeding and results (during competition):


The Regional Open Circuit (ROC) is designed to promote and develop strong regional tournaments for the Open/Division I-A fencer who seeks competitive opportunities beyond the local and division levels but below the NAC Division I level. Other competitive opportunities in the ROC tournaments are provided for Veteran (40 & Older) and Division II (C, D, E or U) fencers. ROC tournaments are open to current USA Fencing competitive members eligible to fence in Open competitions and to foreign fencers with current FIE licenses. However, foreign fencers are not eligible to compete in USA Fencing National Championship events. In the event that a foreign fencer finishes within the qualifying group, the foreign fencer will be skipped and only the highest-finishing eligible domestic fencers will qualify.
In each ROC category (Division I-A, Division II, and Veterans) competitions will award points to the top 40% of the competitive field (rounded up to the next higher integer) to a maximum of 64th place, using the point tables for regional competitions found in The Athlete's Handbook Appendix 2.5. Only the best 3 results, in each respective category, count towards the point total. These points may qualify D1A, DV2, and Veteran ROC fencers to the USA Fencing National Championships in D1A, DV2, DV3, and Veteran. The ROC point standings are not used for seeding National level tournaments. Only ROC events award regional ranking points.

- Entry is determined by 2017-18 USA Fencing birth year requirements and rating restrictions:
Div I-A (any rating): Born 2004 or before, or on the Junior National Rolling Points List
Div2 (C,D,E or U rating): Born 2004 or before

Chief Organizer: Robert Piraino
Asst. Organizer: Stuart Bernstein
Head of Bout Committee: Brandon Rochelle (National Bout Committee)
Referee Coordinator/Head Referee: Rylan DeLap (International Referee and CRI) If interested in working as a referee, contact Rylan at
Certified Referee Instructors/Observers: Justin Meehan and Rylan DeLap
Head Armorer: TBD


Tournament fees must be PAID for entry to be complete (your entry is incomplete until payment (or payment arrangement) is made. If alternate payment arrangement (other than via FRED) is requested, you must e-mail the organizer prior to February 26, 2018 for payment instructions.

REGULAR FEE DEADLINE: EXTENDED to Monday, March 12th, 2018 (by midnight local time): $30 registration fee plus $40/event

LATE FEE DEADLINE: Monday, March 19th, 2018 (by midnight local time): $60 registration fee plus $80/event.

TRIPLE FEES: Entries after Monday, March 19th, 2018 and until Friday, March 30th, 2018 (by midnight local time) are subject to triple fees: $90 entry fee plus $120/event.

WITHDRAW DEADLINE: Monday, March 19th, 2018 (by midnight local time) See Refund Policy below for more info.



For refund of event fee(s), all withdrawals must be received by the organizer by the posted withdrawal deadline. Registration and processing fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. To withdraw from the tournament, email with the athlete name, member number, and events from which you are withdrawing. No Event Fee refunds will be given for withdrawals after the posted withdrawal deadline. Event Fee refunds are processed 4-6 weeks after the tournament.
On tournament day, fencers who fail to check-in at the registration desk before the posted close of check-in time for their event will be withdrawn from the competition, and no there will be no refund of entry fees.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

In the event of necessity to reschedule the tournament due to most extreme circumstances, such as unforeseen extreme weather or catastrophe (USA Fencing determines need to cancel/delay/reschedule a Regional Tournament in the best interest of the membership) all fees paid will be applied to rescheduled event. Regional tournaments which are cancelled due to no fault of the Organizer will be rescheduled by USA Fencing, if possible, within the season for which the tournament was awarded. In the event a fencer is not able to attend a rescheduled event, a full refund will be issued. Note: delay of start times not caused by extreme weather or catastrophe does not qualify as valid refund criteria.


Times are subject to change. Please check back to see if the schedule has been updated within 1 week prior to the tournament.

We strongly encourage you arrive at the venue at least 1 hour before close of your event registration. Fencers not checked in at posted close of check-in time will not be permitted to compete, and no refund of entry fees will be issued. Fencers must check-in each day they fence.

SATURDAY - March 31, 2018
Times are subject to change. Check AskFRED prior to event.

8am - DIV1A Women's Foil
8am - DIV1A Men's Epee
10am - VET Men's Saber
12pm - DIV2 Men's Foil
12pm - DIV2 Women's Saber
2pm - DIV1A Men's Saber
2pm - DIV2 Women's Epee
3pm - VET Women's Foil
3pm - VET Men's Foil

SUNDAY - April 1, 2018
Times are subject to change. Check AskFRED prior to event.

8am - DIV1A Women's Epee
8am - DIV1A Men's Foil
9am - VET Women's Saber
11am - DIV1A Women's Saber
11am - DIV2 Men's Epee
12pm - DIV2 Women's Foil
12pm - DIV2 Men's Saber
2pm - VET Women's Epee
2pm - VET Men's Epee


Liability waiver must be completed (Coming Soon!)

- Entry is determined by 2017-18 USA Fencing birth year requirements and rating restrictions:

Div I-A (any rating): Born 2004 or before, or on the Junior National Rolling Points List
Div 2 (C,D,E, or U rating): Born 2004 or earlier
VET (any rating): Born 1978 or earlier

- The USA Fencing Athlete Handbook ( contains detailed information on qualifying pathways and should be consulted as the appropriate reference document.
- Results posted at the venue and on FRED are not official; results must be verified by the national office for final determination of qualification.

- USFA rules apply:
- Full USA Fencing regulation uniform is required.
- Must have at least two working weapons and two body cords.

- Current USA Fencing competitive membership, FIE, or other foreign federation membership, required. Must present membership card (or proof of membership payment) at check-in. To join/renew or print your membership card visit: If no proof of membership you must complete and pay for USA Fencing membership at the venue.


- Venue opens at 6 a.m. each morning.
- Fencers are required to check in each day they compete
- Fencers are required to have equipment checked (only required once if fencing more than one day)
- Present to registration desk with proof of fencing federation membership (USA Fencing, FIE, or foreign federation).


- USA Fencing rules apply.
Equipment check required (mask, lame (as appropriate), sabre cuffs, head cords, and body cords). 800N Saber Glove is mandatory. Armorer will be on-site for repairs (for fee). Fencers only need to have their equipment passed once for the duration of the ROC
- Full USA Fencing regulation uniform required. Name is NOT required on uniform. Foil mask with conductive bib required. Fencers arm, equip and clothe themselves and fence at their own responsibility and at their own risk. Fencers are responsible for ensuring arrival at the strip with working equipment.


- Uniforms (jacket, pants, knee-high socks, fencing glove): Standard fencing uniforms; cannot have any rips, tear, or holes. Warm-up pants or jeans are not allowed. Fencing glove must cover half of the forearm. 800N Saber Glove is Mandatory. Holes in gloves (all weapons) are not allowed. Worn-through top surface in an area subject to being hit by your opponents will not be allowed. Glue is an acceptable repair. Tape covering holes is not acceptable.
- Plastrons (underarm protectors): Standard fencing plastron; required with every uniform
- Chest Protector: Required for females
- Masks: 12K punch test; sewn in bib. Conductive Bib in foil is required Mask Elastic Safety Straps: beginning this season, these will be checked during equipment check to ensure that they are serviceable and in good condition. Worn, loose or stretched out straps will be cause for a mask to be rejected. Foil Masks with the Velcro attached bib: There is a concern that a blade sliding down the mask can get caught in the Velcro and break. If an Armorer determines that there is a significant risk of a tip being caught, the mask will be rejected. This can be repaired by the official repair vendor, who can sew it down in a way that the bib can be replaced. Leon Paul Safety Straps: When the mask is presented for inspection, it is acceptable to have a mask with the fasteners for the strap without the strap being installed. If the strap is installed, both parts must be present and working. When on the strip, if the strap is attached, it MUST to be used.
- Weapons: Use of Solder lugs and shrinkwrap to Terminate Weapon Wires. The US SEMI has determined that this method of connecting weapon wires to the socket violates the rules, and therefore is not an accepted practice. Referees have been informed to reject weapons using this method of connection, and can result in appropriate penalties.
- Blades: Standard blade length of 30-35 inches permitted. Must have at least two working weapons and two body cords when reporting to the strip.
- Weapon Handle: Any attachment to a weapon's handle must fix the hand in one position such that the top of the thumb is no more than 2 cm from the inner surface of the guard.
- Names on Uniforms: Not required.

- Ratings can be awarded if criteria met. See USFA ratings chart at: page 137)


The format for all ROC events is one round of pools maximized to 6 and 7 fencers as possible, with 100% promoted to a direct elimination table. Fencers from the same club will be separated as much as possible in the first round of competition.

Only ratings and points standings listed on the USA Fencing website will be used (ratings posted on FRED are not official). It is the fencer's responsibility to ensure that USA Fencing has properly recorded any necessary changes or corrections prior to this date.

Current ratings: . Current point standings:

1. Current Senior national rolling point standings regardless of classification
2. Classification and year
3. Athletes with neither of the above are seeded on a random basis after the athletes who are seeded by the preceding factors.

1. Classification and year
2. Athletes with neither of the above are seeded on a random basis after the athletes who are seeded by the preceding factors.


- One preliminary round of pools (5-touch/3 minute bouts), then all fencers advance to direct elimination round (15 touch/9-minute bouts.). DE tableau shall be comprised according to the results of the preliminary pool round. Fencers are seeded by their results in the pool round wherein the results of fencers in all the pools are ordered by best results to poorest results: highest ratio of victories vs. bouts fenced, touches scored vs. touches received. During the 1-minute break, ONE PERSON designated by the fencer (team-mate, coach, or parent) may be on the strip with the fencer.
- There is no fence-off for third place.
- Medals awarded to Top 8.

- Fencers are responsible for ensuring accuracy of all posted information and must report errors to the bout committee (BC) immediately. This includes club affiliation, division, classification, date of birth, gender, spelling of name, etc. Errors in posted pool results must be reported to the BC immediately (within 5 minutes). Once DE round starts and tableau is posted, the pool results are final and no adjustments will be made. Check all scores before leaving the strip. Fencer signature on pool sheet and DE slip implies accuracy.

- Photography and filming is allowed, however NO flash photography is allowed near ongoing competitions.

- Withdrawal during pools: The pools must be fenced through the last bout. A fencer who withdraws, or who is excluded, is scratched from the pool, and his results are annulled as if he had not taken part.

- Withdrawal during DE: When for whatever reason a fencer cannot fence or cannot complete his bout, his opponent is declared winner of that bout. A fencer who withdraws does not lose his place in the overall classification of the competition.


Everybody taking part in or present at a fencing competition must remain orderly and must not disturb the smooth running of the competition. At no time is anyone allowed to criticize the Officials or their decisions, to insult them or to attempt to influence them in any way. Coaches and spectators are allowed to give advice to fencers, but in all situations, coaches and spectators must not disturb the order of the bout. The referee and/or the Bout Committee can decide to expel from the competition venue, with or without warning, any person who by gesture, attitude or language disturbs the good order or smooth running of the tournament.


Arrive early to allow time for equipment check. Equipment will be inspected and marked (mask, lame (as appropriate), sabre cuffs, head cords, and body cords). Fencers only need to have their equipment passed once for the duration of the ROC. Names not required on uniforms. Equipment check will be available for limited hours the night before each day of competition.

Absolute Fencing Gear ( will be on-site for equipment sales and will be providing all of our grounded strips, as well as electronic scoring machines.


Food and beverage concessions will be available.


Results posted at the venue and on FRED are not official; results must be verified by the national office for final determination of qualification.

Preregistration opens on 10/20/2017.
Preregistration closes on 03/12/2018.