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Tiger E-Under 2018 Men's & Women's Foil Epee Saber Dec 15, 2018
Fee: With pre-registration $30, first event $15, second event $15; Without pre-registration at the door: $40, first event $25, second event $25 To complete pre-registration you must make payment through askfred website.
Thomas Presbyterian Church Christian Life Center: Eighty Four, PA
posted 10/27/2018
More Info
Fee: With pre-registration: Registration $30, $15 first event, $15 second event; Without pre-registration at the door: Registration $40, first event $25, second event $25. To complete pre-registration you must pay through askfred.

For more information about this meet, e-mail the host at:

Organizer: Tiger Fencing Club website:
Contact: Tim Yultchiev, Elmira Ioultchieva 412-334-4736

Close of check-in:
Foil 9:30 AM
Epee: 1:30 PM
Saber: 3:30 PM

Events Scheduled:
Women's Epee
Women's Foil
Men's Epee
Men's Foil
Men's Saber
Women's Saber

The AGE RESTRICTIONS: Fencers 13y.o. and up can participate
Also New Rules apply to Saber event: Fencers MUST HAVE 800N saber glove.
Foil Fencers MUST have foil mask with bib and mask cord
Women Foil Fencers must have padded chest protector
Men Foil Fencers have option of wearing padded chest protector or not wear one.
Refund policy:

The last day for withdrawal from event with refund from organizer is 11/28/18, you need to email us to indicate that you want refund.

Thomas Presbyterian Church
1068 Linden Rd,
Eighty Four, PA 15330

(This is very important please follow to 1068 Linden Rd, NOT Thomas Rd. The past competitions fencers got confused with directions and followed to Thomas Rd which is wrong address). Let me repeat 1068 Linden Rd, Eighty Four, Pa 15330 is correct address.

Participants on Tiger-E and under are reminded that this competition is a USFA event, and the Western PA Division requires all fencers to be able to provide proof of current membership at check-in.
This can include either
* A current USFA membership card showing a valid to date of at least 7/31/2019
* A computer printout of your current membership or your USFA number

To renew your membership, please visit the USA Fencing Membership web site here:

We will have a Armorer who be testing body cords, mask and foil lames. I want to remind you to please have your equipment ready to be tested (body cords unwrapped and untangled, mask available) prior to approaching the Armorer.

Preregistration opens on 10/27/2018
Preregistration closes on 12/13/2018