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Mountain Madness Feb 22, 2020
SFU Burnaby Campus, Central Gym: Burnaby, BC
posted 01/30/2020
More Info
From the beaches of UBC to the mountainous terrain of SFU, the fencing clubs and teams are getting together to host a fundraiser!

Hosting up to 6 events, this is an ideal time to fence your heart out, and help contribute to the growth of the local fencing scene.

The listed events are:
Men's Epee - 1:45             Men's Foil - 4:00             Men's Sabre - 6:00
Women's Epee - 1:45       Women's Foil - 4:00       Women's Sabre - 6:00

Registration closes at 1:30.

Events will be mixed if there are less than 6 fencers in either category.
Events will not be hosted if less than 6 fencers register.

Medals will be awarded to the top finishers from every event.

Registration costs are $20, with $10 for each additional event. Preregistration is encouraged-- note that events will be run or not based off of preregistration!

Knickers are required for epee, and encouraged for all other weapons. Shorts are not allowed in any case.

If you are able and willing to referee foil or sabre, please contact us at; we would be grateful for your help.
Any questions can also be directed to the above email address.