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NEUSFA 2023 Pomme De Terre Jun 17, 2023 - Jun 18, 2023
NEUSFA's 34th annual Pomme de Terre. See more info for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and info for FOREIGN fencers. BLUE GAUNTLET will be on site for equipment needs.
Brandeis University: Waltham, MA
posted 06/09/2022
More Info
Currently Brandeis has no capacity limits or vaccine mandates. Per USFA fencers may opt to wear surgical mask or not under their masks. Otherwise, masks are not required for anyone.

**DO NOT** contact me to tell me your classification is incorrect. When the tournament is uploaded to the event computer, your information will be updated to what is currently in the USFA database.

FYI: If you are fully registered for the E and under event and earn a higher classification before the Pomme, you may still compete in the event. As long as you are fully registered, earning a higher classification does not disqualify you from competing.

Also, DO NOT contact me if you miss a deadline. There are no exceptions for late entries. See #1 below.

For any other questions NOT ANSWERED below, please contact:

I recommend you read all current info below before contacting me with questions.



New England Division USFA (NEUSFA) will hold the 34th Annual Pomme de Terre fencing tournament at Brandeis University on June 17 & June 18, 2023.

There is no team event, so please don’t email and ask for one.


1. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE FOR LATE ENTRY. Please, DO NOT email me with your reason for not registering on time. The answer will not be any different than what is stated here. Your inability to register on time is not my problem. Register early to avoid any issues. Registration without complete payment does not mean you are entered. Register AND COMPLETE PAYMENT before the stated deadlines.

2. NO WALKINS WILL BE ALLOWED - only preregistered and PAID competitors may fence.

3. US fencers - you must be current ACCESS or COMPETITIVE MEMBERS of USFA. There are no day memberships and noncompetitive memberships are ineligible. Collegiate members MUST be on their U.S. college/university official roster.

4 FOREIGN athletes. We welcome your participation at the PdT; however, you must be a current international member of USFA to compete. Please go to the website/membership to obtain your international USFA membership. This includes our friends from Canada.

5. Any FOREIGN national with a world ranking within the last 5 years, at any level, is not allowed to fence in the E and under. No entries will be refunded for any ineligible fencer registering for this event. We will take your money and not give it back.

6. National point standings DO NOT APPLY at this tournament. If you are underage, you may not participate. See eligibility below.

7. BLUE GAUNTLET will be on site for equipment needs.

8. Medals and potato specific prizes (PSPs) are awarded to top 8 in individual events. If you are unable to stay for the award presentation, you must have someone pick up the medal. No awards will be given out before the presentation.

FORMAT: Vet and E and Under are 100% promotion from pools to Direct Elimination. Opens are 80% promotion from pools to Direct Elimination. Seeding is by classification only; national point standings are not used.
Currently, there are no capacity limits; however, we reserve the right to make changes should an epidemic or some other event beyond our control occur.

REMINDER: Event Restrictions: You may fence in only one individual event per day (exception if also qualified for a Vet event). If you are in two events on the same day, (Vet and individual) you MUST present yourself at the appropriate strip when called. If you register for multiple events on the same day (i.e., different weapons) you will be removed from one and there will be no refund.


Birth year 2009 or earlier. In any tournament where children can fence with adults, the fencer must be 13 BEFORE January 1 of the competition season (August - July) i.e., competitor must have turned 13 by Dec 31, 2022.

All fencers must be a current access or competitive member of the USFA by June 15. Memberships will be checked before the event; if you are not compliant you will receive an email requiring you to join/renew and bring proof of current membership. No event will be held up because you are not a USFA member at check in.

Check in WILL require current USA fencing membership card to be scanned. Printed copy is best option. You can print out your membership card from your USFA profile. Phones do not always work, and you will hold up the line for other competitors.

Individual Events

Entry Fee Discount per fencer
Feb 1 - Feb 28
Registration $40.00
Entry $50.00 per event

Regular Registration/Entry Fee
March 1 - May 13
Registration $50.00
Entry Fee $60.00 per event

Late Registration/Entry Fee
May 14 - May 20
Registration $100.00
Entry Fee $120.00 per event

Triple Entry Fees (per event)
May 21 - June 3
Registration $150.00
Entry Fee $180.00 per event

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ABOVE – NO LATE ENTRIES OR WALKINS WILL BE ACCEPTED. DO NOT CONTACT ORGANIZER ASKING TO REGISTER LATE OR HAVE LATE FEES WAIVED. You are wasting your time and mine. Preregistration without completing payment does not mean you are registered or can walk in.

Payment is required with registration; unpaid preregistrations are not considered as fully entered and will be periodically deleted.

REFUNDS - For refund of event fee(s), withdrawals must be received by email to the organizer ( no later than June 3, 2023. There will be no refunds for self-withdrawal, COVID, any other illness or medical issue, family situations or ANY OTHER REASON. Please add your name, event, and address to the request for refund as we cannot credit your credit card. Registration fees are nonrefundable. AGAIN, absolutely no refunds after June 3. Refunds will be processed no later than 4-6 weeks following the tournament.

We are not responsible for any askfred website outages or any other issues regarding payment and will not make fee adjustments for any reason. Please register in a timely manner to avoid any payment issues on askfred. Again, your inability to register by stated deadlines, is not my problem. Don't wait until the deadline day to register. Make a decision, you are coming or not.

To receive a free t-shirt, you must register and pay by June 3. Registering early helps us ensure we have enough qualified referees for this tournament. Please avoid late fees by registering early! No late entries will be accepted FOR ANY REASON so please do not waste your time and mine by asking.

The tournament will be held in the Gosman Athletic Center at Brandeis University. Information about the Brandeis campus, including directions, can be found here.
Commuter Rail (Fitchburg/South Acton line, Brandeis/Roberts stop) and bus access (Bus #553, stops at Brandeis) are available. Check schedules at

(Times listed are close of registration and are subject to change to ensure the smooth flow of the tournament - event days will not change)

Saturday, June 17 (times subject to change)
08:00 AM - Men's Epee Open
08:00 AM - Men's Foil E-Under
08:00 AM - Vet Women's Foil
08:00 AM - Vet Women's Sabre
11:00 AM - Men's Sabre Open
11:00 AM - Vet Men's Foil
1:00 PM - Women's Foil E-Under
1:00 PM - Women's Epee Open
1:30 PM - Women's Sabre E-Under

Sunday, June 18 (times subject to change)
08:00 AM - Men's Foil Open
08:00 AM - Men's Epee E-Under
08:00 AM - Vet Women's Epee
11:00 AM - Men's Sabre E-Under
11:00 AM - Women's Sabre Open
12:30 PM - Women's Foil Open
12:30 PM - Women's Epee E-Under
12:30 PM - Vet Men's Epee
2:00 PM - Vet Men's Sabre

Check In will begin at 7AM each morning.

Weapons Check:
Friday 4 - 7 pm.
Saturday 7 am - end of tournament
Sunday 7 am - end of tournament
If you are only fencing on Sunday you are encouraged to have your weapons checked on Saturday; please come after 1PM for weapons being checked for Sunday.
Full equipment check, mask, lames, gloves, body and head cords

Host hotel information below.

Holiday Inn
Winter St
Waltham, MA

Group Name: Boston Fencing Club
Dates Group discount is available: Thursday June 15, 2023, Friday June 16, 2023, and Saturday June 17, 2023
Group Rate: $169.00 plus 11.7% occupancy tax per night
Cutoff Date: Thursday May 23, 2023

For guests that do not want to book online, please inform contact the reservations office at (877) 213-6796 to make a reservation. You must state the name of the group, Boston Fencing Club, to receive the discounted rate. If guests require any special room accommodations, it must be stated at the time of making reservation. If guests would like to reserve dates that are not included in the group block or have any questions making a reservation, please refer them to contact me (Anya Wright) at (781) 419-0912.

Using an online mapping service? The address of the Gosman Athletic Center is 415 South Street, Waltham, MA.

Contact Linda Merritt,