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New Jersey Fencing Alliance RYC/RJCC Sep 16, 2023 - Sep 17, 2023
SportsPlex: Metuchen, NJ
posted 05/24/2023
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Use this link to register:


Welcome to the New Jersey Fencing Alliance RYC/RJCC

All events will be capped, and entry is on a first-come first-served basis - NO EXCEPTIONS. Once the tournament has filled to the capped amount, a waitlist will begin. When an athlete withdraws from the event the next person on the waitlist will then have 48 hours to officially register for the event and pay event fees.

All fencing strips will be surrounded by stanchions (Fencing Zones). Spectators are to sit outside the stanchions at all times.

No food or drink is allowed in Fencing Zones.

No parents, coaches, or spectators are permitted inside the fencing zones. NO EXCEPTIONS. However, only one coach is permitted to assist a fencer during DE bouts. The coach will be permitted to stand in a designated area and will be required to remain in this area until the end of the bout. Coaches who violate this rule will be requested to leave the venue immediately. Fencers, please relay this information to your coach.

Fencers are to remain outside of the Fencing Zones until they are called to fence.
Fencers are required to sign the score sheet and DE slips after completing pools and DE bouts. Results can be found at . Any errors found must be reported to the bout committee immediately.

Monitors will be placed throughout the venue which will display pools and results. You can also check live tournament results and tournament progress at .



Saturday September 16
8:00 AM Junior Men’s Foil
8:00 AM Y14 Men’s Epee
8:00 AM Cadet Women’s Epee
8:00 AM Y12 Women’s Foil
8:00 AM Y10 Men’s Sabre
9:30 AM Y8 Women’s Epee
9:30 AM Y8 Men’s Epee
10:30 AM Y10 Women’s Epee
11:30 AM Y12 Men’s Sabre
11:30 AM Y12 Women’s Sabre
11:30 PM Y10 Women’s Foil
1:00 PM Junior Men’s Sabre
1:00 PM Y8 Men’s Sabre
1:00 PM Y8 Women’s Sabre
1:00 PM Y14 Men’s Foil
3:30 PM Junior Men’s Epee
3:30 PM Y12 Women’s Epee
3:30 PM Cadet Women’s Foil
3:30 PM Cadet Women’s Sabre
5:30 PM Y10 Women's Sabre
5:30 PM Cadet Men's Sabre
5:30 PM Veteran's Mixed Foil
5:30 PM Veteran's Mixed Sabre

Sunday September 17
8:00 AM Junior Women's Sabre
8:00 AM Cadet Men’s Foil
8:00 AM Y14 Women’s Foil
8:00 AM Y10 Men's Foil
8:00 AM Y12 Men’s Epee
12:00 PM Y8 Women’s Foil
12:00 PM Y8 Men’s Foil
12:00 PM Junior Women’s Epee
12:00 PM Y12 Men’s Foil
12:00 PM Y14 Men’s Sabre
2:00 PM Cadet Men’s Epee
4:00 PM Junior Women’s Foil
4:00 PM Y10 Men’s Epee
4:00 PM Y14 Women’s Epee
5:30 PM Junior Men's Sabre
5:30 PM Y14 Women's Sabre
5:30 PM Veteran's Mixed Epee


Regular Fees will remain until Saturday September 2, 2023 11:59 PM PST Registration fee is $49 and Event fee is $55 per event
Late fees (Triple) from September 3, 2023 until September 14, 2023 11:59 PM PST Registration is $147 and Event fee is $165 per event
Starting September 15, 2023, No Online registration is permitted
Walk-In is permitted provided there are available spots and approved by the Bout Committee Walk-in fees will be the same as late fees